Balancing act

by mostnovel

OK, I have some momentum. It’s part of my daily habit. I don’t watch TV at night anymore. I sometimes used to take OTC sleep aids to help fall asleep. No more of that either. The behavior pattern feels good.

But I still have moments of flashback to the (bad) experience of reading assignments for school that damned my literary appetite so severely. It feels like a balancing act – I need to get far enough into a book so that the pull of the plot and characters overpowers the gravity of the mechanics of reading that I have historically been disenchanted by. But so far, the pull of the stories has been enough to keep me from getting bored or made uncomfortable by the act of reading. I actually think I’m starting to enjoy the act (see first paragraph), despite the occasional flashback.

Also, I have stopped reading the news. I don’t know what’s happening in the world.