Finished: “Tobacco Road,” Erskine Caldwell (#91)

by mostnovel

This book made me feel uncomfortable and heartless. I disliked it for those reasons, but I guess I like the fact that it elicited strong feelings. A poor white family in rural Georgia post WWI is slowly crippled and literally starved by the patriarch’s habitual laziness, selfishness and procrastination. Filled with irony and symbolism (I think). The characters almost didn’t seem human in their physical actions – more like animals. I’m pretty sure most everyone got a smackdown in this one – the poor, the rich, the religious, the institutions of family and marriage, the white South, agriculture culture and industrialization. I felt uncomfortable by the complete disregard for human life, and heartless in that I couldn’t have cared less about the family’s suffering. They were  just so lazy.