Finished: “A Bend in the River,” V. S. Naipaul (#83)

#84 wasn’t available for Kindle. This one, #83, was pretty good. It was about an African country (the reader never learns which one) after independence and all the shit that happens after. I don’t really feel like writing much about this one. It was fine. I especially liked the sense that I was reading about a broader epidemic, the plight of the African Every Country, because the country was never named. But overall it was unmemorable. It did, however, have one of the lines that was most striking of all so far: and this is where I suppose life ends for most people, who stiffen in the attitudes they adopt to make themselves suitable for the jobs and lives that other people have laid out for them. So true.

Updated: there were a lot of references to Uganda in this book, and how politically f’ed that country is too. Timely given the uppity #stopkony bullshit, which itself is far from timely. Things never change I guess… I’m glad I live in the United States where politics are mature and productive.